Machine Vision for Industrial Precision

Low cost, scalable computer vision solutions to monitor industrial processes

Computer Vision

Utilize machine vision for real-time quality control. Identify defects or process non-conformances early on, leading to reduced rework and increased process capability.

How it works:

Sensors installed parallel to assembly line/machine(integration with linear motion unit is available)

Application engineer will gather data and train the algorithm to identify defects

Sensor will scan continously and upload process metrics to the dashboard

Localized alerts(SMS, E-mail) can be setup to alert stakeholders

Customer Story | ThreadVision

Custom design modifications for the textile sector, a traversing setup was made to monitor broken threads on spinning machine spindles

Leadership Team

Talha Hasan

VP, Product Design


Ahmed Durrani



Ansab Ijaz

VP, Software Engineering

M.S. CalState

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